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NutBowl - Choas Cup Round Robin 3

6mm WW2
6mm Turrets
Conqueror of the Ancient World
15mm Animals
Carthaginian Army
Greek Hoplite Army
Zombie Game

The Disco Dead score 2 touchdowns and 2 casualties for the win and 4 points.

The Hongo Valley Wildflowers score 1 touchdown and 1 casualty for 1 point.

Another lovely day sees the start of the game between the shambling but sexy Disco Dead and the mean yet sassy orcs of the Hongo Valley Wildflowers. Both captains approach the referee, a coin is tossed and the Wildflowers are receiving.


A second before the undead got ready, the Wildflowers got off on a quick start and emptied the line of scrimmage attacking both flanks of the Disco Dead line. Unfortunately, no one seemed to remember telling Parsley, the orcish thrower, that they were going to start early and the blubbering fool failed to grab the ball, leaving her and the ball out in the open.


Seeing the juicy target, the werewolves sprinted across the field as Le Freak takes on Parsley while Mr. Furious provides cover.



Only too late did the orcs realized their mistake. With the entire offensive line engaged in a bitter skirmish, only Aster the goblin managed to break away to help parsley to slow down the advancing werewolves. They were however proved to be insufficient, as Le Freak flattens Parsley again and dodges away from Aster running straight pass the touchdown line earning the Disco Dead the first touchdown of the day.


As the two teams return to their starting position, an angry fan chucks a rock at Opuntia the orc blocker stunning her leaving a gap in the Wildflower’s front line.

The Disco Dead capitalized on the foul deed by attempting to push through once again with the werewolves on a wide right flanking move.

Brother Sledge the Flesh Golem, and a couple of zombies, The Shoveller and Morthana form a defensive line to tie up the other orcs from filling the gap.


After a bit of shuffling on both sides, the werewolves managed to break through once again to attack butterfingers Parsley but Mr. Furious got too agitated and managed to knock himself down at the same time.


Despite the efforts of the Disco Line, enough orcs managed to slip out to attack the pesky werewolf Le Freak, and a goblin stole the ball away. But the exposed goblin is soon pushed down by Mr Furious, the other werewolf, who again snatches the ball back.

While the violent game of ball tag was carried out, an even more violent line battle between the undead and orcs resulted in MaBelle the zombie badly hurting Beebalm, an orc blocker, taking her out of the rest of the game. And with that, the stadium suddenly erupts into song "Ring mah Belllllleeelllll, ring mah bell!" Since it didn't look as if there was any major damage, Amaryllis, the Wildflowers nurse, ignored the groaning blocker and returned to her knitting.


After a bit of struggle, the Wildflowers managed to steal the ball back only to lose it yet again. It seems that the pot of greasy baby back ribs they ate before the game was a bad idea as they kept failing to pick the stupid ball up.

It finally ends up in the hands of Le Freak but with time running out, it was too far away to score, even for the fleet footed werewolf.

A shrill whistle sounds just before the blast of the horn to signal the end of the first half. It seems that one of the nasty zombies attempted to stamp on a fallen orc! The referee will have none of that and sends the cheating cockroach off field into the sin bin.


Second half and the Disco Dead returned the favour by starting their attack early! However, the orcs have skillfully kicked the ball right up at the centre line!

The Disco Line comes to an abrupt stop as the Shoveller trips over himself before his team mate have covered the back field. Disaster for the dead! The ball is exposed!


The Wildflowers wasted no time in pushing through into the Dead half of the field but the ball continues to frustrate the girls as they failed to pick it up yet again. The show-off Mr Furious pushes his way into the orc mass to pick up the ball.


But there are just not enough Dead around and the orc blitzer Clover sends Mr Furious to the moon, scoops up the bouncing ball and hops all the way to a touch down! The Wildflowers scores!


A new kick off again. Unbeknownst to the referee and the Wildflowers, the zombie that was sent to the sin bin at the end of the first half snuck back onto field! Questions will be asked and heads shall roll!

The orc offensive started with 2 of the orc blitzers pushing through the Disco Dead's right flank to try to sack the DD ball carrier.


Unfortunately the reduced number left the Wildflower’s line too weak as the Disco Dead smashed their way through yet again with the werewolves leading the attack.

A familiar situation as the entangled orcs struggle to free players from the line war, a few scattered Wildflowers try to hold down the werewolf couple.

Despite the valiant attempts by a line orc and goblin, Mr Furious manages to shake them off and scored the second touch down for the Disco Dead, sealing their victory.


It's kick-off on turn 7 and not enough time to score.

The Hongo Flowers throw a few blocks but don't do any damage.

On the Disco Dead's last turn however, Le Freak teamed up with the slutty Morthana who, obviously jealous of her better looks, managed to push the orc blitzer Larkspur into the crowd, badly hurting the poor girl.

In the final moments of the game, the orc thrower Parsley picks up the ball and for no apparent reason throws it over to Ratama, the team captain. And fails. It took her a second try before she succeeds in passing the ball. Allegedly, it was overhead that the Wildflower coach Umbel threatened to confiscate her beloved spice rack should she fail to make a single pass in the game.

And with that the game draws to an end.


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