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NutBowl - Choas Cup Round Robin 2

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Zombie Game

The second round tie is with the Red Rascals, an Orc team with a Troll.

Final score for the Disco Dead is 2 touchdowns and 1 casualty, earning them 4 league points.

Final score for the Redskull Rascals is no touchdowns and 5 casualties, earning them 1 league point.


A nice day for the game between the Disco Dead and the Red Rascals. Both captains approach the referee, a coin is tossed and the Rascals are receiving.

The Rascals pack the LOS, clearly expecting to give the Disco Dead a trashing.

The Disco Dead set up in a 3-4-4 defence with the Zombies well spread out on the LOS to avoid the Troll.


RR01 - The Red Rascals start of well. The Troll KOs Morthana Woman in his first block and Boogie is knocked down. The ball is taken over to the left field ready to exploit.

DD01 - The DDs are not able to effective retaliate depite The shoveller managing a stun.

RR02 - Mr. Troll falls over his own feet while bringing down BoneyM stopping the Rascals before the attack developes.


DD02 - Le Freak breaks through the RR line gets to the ball carrier, pushing him into the crowds. He then grabs the ball and runs for the endzone with Woogie covering effectively.


RR03 The Rascals do a lot of damage on the line of scrimmage but can't break free to intercept Le Freak.

DD03 Le Freak dodges free of the one Orc tackle zone and dashes for the touchdown!


RR04 The Disco Dead Blitz! The ball falls close to the half line but well covered bu Orcs. Furious breaks through hoping to get to the ball form behind.

The Rascals recover quickly and kick Furious off field to reserves, pick up the ball and start the drive. Woogie is also CAS and will miss next game.

Things look bad with the Disco Dead down 2 bid men ... erm creatures.


DD04 DD pick themselves up and try to form a semblance of a line in front of the ball.

RR05 Orcs kick butt and push a Blitzer way up the opposite end of the field. But Brother Sledge as ever is standing firm.

DD05 The Shoveller double down and stuns a Line Orc. But the Orc defence hold firm and DDs can't get close to the ball.


OO06 Mr Troll CAS Stayin Alive who regens. A Line Orc CAS Mothana who also regens. Disco Dead are falling all over the place but Le Freak and Knockon Wood manage to set up a secondary line of defence.

Frustrated, the Rascals attempt a pass. Surrounded by Orcs, Ring MaBelle rolls a 6 and intercepts! "Ring it, go on, ring my bell!"


DD06 Ring MaBelle is stuck in the middle of Orcs and no one can get to her.

OO07 Seeing an easy score, the Rascals try to take the ball from the surrounded Morthana. A Troll, a Black Orc and 3 Line Orcs, 4 Blocks and 9 dice later, MaBelle still stands. "Ring it, go on, ring my bell!"

DD07 MaBelle is still stuck alone in the middle of Orcs and again, no undead can break free and get to her.


OO08 Finally Morthana is knocked down. The Orc runs to the end zone, a pass. Inaccurate and then ball is free.

DD08 With just 4 undead standing, 3 down on the field, 3 in back in reserves and 1 CAS The Sphinx gratefully ends the half.


DD01 The Disco Dead Quick Snap reposition to open up the right flank.

OO01 The Rascals repeat the strategy of kicking randomn butt.

DD02 Morthana, Boney M and Stayin Alive hold off 5 Orcs on the left. Brother Sledge holds off the Troll. This leaves the Disco Dead with an edge on the right despite being 1 man down.


OO02 Orcs knock down 4 DDs and begin an outflanking move to get round the DD's rightflank.

DD03 The 3 Zombies and Brother Sledge do a good job keeping Orcs off the right flank. With the Orcs getting round the flank, the Disco Dead launch their drive.

Le Freak breaks open a hole in the Rascals lines and Mr Furious dashes through with the ball. The rest of the team provide cover.


OO03 Brother Sledge as the few nearby Orcs tied up and nobody can get close enough to block Mr Furious.

DD04 The only tackle zone is kicked into the crowd by Ring MaBelle and Mr Furious double GFI to the end zone for a TD.


OO04 The Orcs receive and in a another violent opening move knock down 4 zombies. Fearing the werewolves, 3 Orcs penetrae deep to confront the 2 Werewolves.

DD05 With help of Boogie the 2 werewolves clear the 3 Orcs but are left out of position.


OO05 The Rascals knock down more DDs, creating a big advantage on their left flank.

DD06 LeFreak and Boogie dash to cover the looming gap.

OO06 Orcs try to break through but Brother Sledge again helps hold the line.

DD07 Mr Furious joins in the defense on the right flank and CAS a Line Orc.

OO07 BoneyM is KO'd, BoneyM is stunned again. But with time running out the Rascals are again getting desperate and try a long pass. Our defensive hero Brother Sledge, surrounded by Rascals, rolls a natural 6 and intercepts!

DD08 With 5 men standing vs 10 Orcs the DDs decide to play it safe and do nothing

OO08 A few more hits but the Orcs can't do any more damage.

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