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Here's my Carthaginian Army.

I've been meaning to paint one up for a long time. Finally found the motivation when the club decided to put on Zama for a Miniatures Convention in KL, Malaysia in December 2005. This is just part of the Carthaginian army at Zama. A fellow gamer provided the Gauls and the Spanish.


The entire army on display. From top to bottom, left to right-
6 bases of Punic Horse, 10 bases of Punic Spearmen and 10 bases of Allied Cavalry.
12 bases of Veteran Libyans, 12 bases of Punic equipped Libyans and 19 bases of Allied Numidian infantry.
5 bases of African Bush Elephants.


Punic Cavalry, all Corvus Belli figures.
These are the nobles of Punic society who could afford horses. Punic citizens were not experienced soldiers, depending mainly on mercenaries to fight their battles.


Front rank are mainly CB Libyan cavalry with a Standard Bearer from CB numidian Cavalry Command.
The rest are mainly Numidian Cavalry from Gladiator.


Punic citizen Spearmen from Corvus Belli.
These citizen spears seldom performed well on the battlefield, as the Carthaginians usually let mercenaries do their fighting.


Veteran Libyan Phalanx from Corvus Belli.
Libyan Spearmen armed with captured Roman equipment from the many Legions they defeated while in Italy. These are the men Hannibal depended upon the most during his battles with the Romans.


Libyan Spearment in their Carthaginian issued gear. Also from Corvus Belli.


A mix of Corvus Belli Numidian Warriors and Navigator Numidian Skirmishers with a few Libyan Skirmishers mixed in.


Elephants from Eagle Game's Age of Mythology Egyptian miniatures sprue. The mahouts are from Navigators Numidian Light Cavalry.
Hannibal had about 80 of these elephants at Zama, but they didn't perform well against the, by then, experienced, well drilled and disciplined Romans.


Figures from Corvus Belli's Punic and Numidian Cavalry Command packs.

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