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Bloodbowl Team - The Disco Dead

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This the team I entered for the first NapNuts Bowl in August 2006.

As you can see, most don't really look like footballers, most are just figures I had that were conscripted into the team.

The Disco theme was pretty straight forward given the poses of most of my zombies. I am also a fan of the movie Mystery Men so I decided to use characters from the movie where I could.

The back ground is the team dugout, based on the paper Arena from Worldworks.



Count Casanova Frankenstein is the owner of the Disco Dead team.

Back in the heyday of Disco, he made a good living as a Supervillian, then known as Casanova Frankenstein. He added Count after a fortuitous bite from a Vampire that allowed him to live to today.

Recently he has devoted himself to his old love of Disco and his new love for Bloodbowl, forming the Disco Dead with the help of friends and enemies who have survived from the long lost days when Disco ruled.


On the right is Mr. Furious. A wannabe superhero from the Disco era whose temper was more of a threat to himslef then his enemies. He finally got his wish of superhuman strength when he was bitten in a fight with a particularly hairy individual.

On the left is Le Freak, a rather timid Frenchman whose life was transformed after encounter during the full moon while touring the British Moors.


The Sphinx and his dog Fluffy.

The Sphinx was the sworn enemy of Cassinova Frankenstein in the old days. Now he is the Coach and Mentor of the Disco Dead. A powerful psychic, he has conquered death though sheer will-power and is rumoured to be able to cut metal pipes in two with his mind.


Brother Sledge's background is unknown. We are only certain of his strength on the field. His pumpkin head is impervious to blows while his broad feet seem to grip the very earth. His great strength and very broad reach allow him to reliably assist his teammates' blocks.

And strike disco poses quite impossible for others.


Boogie and Woogie, no-one can tell who is which.

They were twins and football jocks in High School who fell in with the Disco crowd. They came to an early end when they tried to mediate a fight between the Jocks and the Dancers. Both gangs turned on them.

They have since been haunting the location of their old highschool football field. And would be there still if the Spinx had not persuaded them to join the Disco Dead.

Now the play football and dance disco to the adoration of their fans.


Ring "Go on! Ring it!" MaBelle was the daughter of a bellringer. When he was killed by Orcs, she set his head as a clapper in a bell and swore revenge on his killers. This hatred was strong enough to defeat death and though his killers are long dead, she continuous to slate her thirst for revenge on the football pitch.


Boney M is another zombie with an unknown past. He just walked into the Teams Disco Room one day and said he wanted to play.

A quick tryout and a couple of dead players later, he's on the team.


Morthana Woman is strange, very strange. No one knows where he extra boobie comes from, and no one dares ask.

She loves to play to crowd, always at the sidelines and flashing her assets to the cheers of the crowds. But the fans get really excited than when she executes her trade mark move ... a violent full frontal body check that often pushes the opponent off the pitch and into the crowd.

Voted MVP in 2 of her 1st three games she is quickly become the darling of fans everywhere.


The Shoveler.

A friend of the Spinx form the old days, he is another who has found happiness in death with the Disco Dead. He is in charge of the Team's cemetary. He wields his shovel with great skill there, as well as on the pitch, and sometimes even gives it a twirl on the disco floor.


Stayin Alive is another zombie with a mysterious past. Suffice to say he sings a mean tune, strikes some cool poses and kicks butt on the pitch.


Knockon Wood is another zombie who can carry a tune and play football.

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