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Disco Dead Dug Out

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Here's the dugout of the Disco Dead. It's pretty lavish by Bloodbowl standards as befits someone of the wealth and standing of Count Cassanova Frankenstein.

It's based on Worldwork's paper Arena.


Here's a overview with the stands on.

On the left is the Casualty box where the seriously injured players recuperate in the rich, dark soil. In the corner is a pile of spare parts being aged before use.

On the right are the stands above the Knocked Out box and the Reserves box. Just above the stands are the Turn and Re-roll counters.


A top down view with the stand removed.


In the centre is the Rejuvenation Room. Here the players are given a jolt of electricity, a shot of fresh blood or a stitch in time to get them quickly back on the field.

On the right is the Disco Room where the players loosen up before being called onto the field.

The big shiny ball is the refraculator which is rumoured to be a weapon of great power, able to turn bring to life the nightmares of man and send him mad.


A close up of the Team Cemetary.


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