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Nutbowl - Chaos Cup Round Robin 4

6mm WW2
6mm Turrets
Conqueror of the Ancient World
15mm Animals
Carthaginian Army
Greek Hoplite Army
Zombie Game

The Disco Dead score 2 touch downs and cause 4 casualties for 5 points.

The Blue Mountain Earthquakes don't score but do 3 casualties for 1 point.

Disco Dead fans turn out in numbers and the Dead have +1 FAME. The Ogres wins toss and chooses to receive. Kick goes out of bounds and is placed in the hands of a Snotling.

As the ball floats through the air, the Cheering Disco Fans break into a chant and you can feel the Disco Dead come to life.


The Dead set up well back and take the Ogres first push well. The Disco Dead edge towards the left field and gang up on and knock down a Ogre. Boogie has his eye on the Snotling carrying the ball who feels threatened and scampers over to his left. Too late, he's knocked down and the ball is loose.





The BM can't pick up the ball. The Dead again gang up on an Ogre and it takes 2 WWs, a Wight and 2 Zombies to knock him out!


2 Ogres aren't enough to keep the Disco Dead away. 8 of them knock the Ogres down and open a path to the Ogre backfield for Le Freak. Mr Furious knocks humslef down in the process but both side roll snake eyes for the Armour Roll.

With an Ogre down the BMs move the ball back to their right. Being next to Brother Sledge doesn't help Boney M who gets CAS by 3 Ogres with Morghurg Facemangler getting the honours. He needs a few days in the cemetery to recover.


3 Snotlings start a drive for the endzone. But before the downed Ogres can get up to support the drive, a bit of bad luck causes a turnover. All those down Ogres allow the werewolves to dash back and get between the Snotlings and the endzone.


The BMs consolidate and pull the ball back behind their Ogres. Brother Sledge CAS Snotling 741 and a Bone-headed Ogre allows Mr Furious to break through and sack the ball carrier. He tries to go for the ball but falls over in the attempt.


Turns 7 and 8

During the ongoing melee on the right field, Boogie manages to CAS an Ogre.

In the centre, the Snotlings just cannot pick up the ball which leaves the Blue Mountain back field open.

With some fancy footwork, Mr Furious stands up, blitzes a Snotling, picks up the ball and heads for the endzone. He is well covered by The Shoveller and Brother Sledge.

With only 3 Ogres left on the field, the BMEs ignore the ball to go head bashing and Mr Furious scores.


With an Ogre down the BME can't cover the field.

The DDs are down a Zombie as well. They set up very heavily weighted on the right but why are both werewolves in the back field? A mistake or just excessive caution.

And the DD pay for that mistake as the ball lands on the perfect position, just behind the LOS on the right. While kicking himself for not having the werewolves in position, the coach forgets that the Wights are pretty decent ball carriers as well.


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Turn 2

By sheer weight of numbers, the Disco Dead knock down the last Ogre on the right field.

Mr. Furious breaks through with the Wright twins providing good cover.

But it's too late. Two Snotlings step into the the path of Mr. Furious. Then Bezagg Brainbasher uses Break Tackel to blitz Mr Furious ... but Mr Furious stays on his feet.


But it's too late. Two Snotlings step into the the path of Mr. Furious. Then Bezagg Brainbasher uses Break Tackle to blitz Mr Furious ... but Mr Furious stays on his feet.


Turn 3

The DD dead try to clear some space for Mr Furious to escape the trap but Woogie falls over trying to dodge out and it's a turnover before Mr Furious can move.

The BME waste no time in knocking Mr Furious down and knocking the ball loose. A Snotling attempts a pick up but he fails and the ball bounces to Boogie who catches it!

Another attempt to open a hole for Mr Furious to escape. This time Le Freak falls over in a dodge attempt. Things are not looking good as the DD end their own turn with 3 critical players on the ground while 2 Ogres bear down on Boogie.

Boogie is down and the ball's sitting on the sideline.


Turn 5

With only 4 players standing, Brother Sledge leads an attack that sends 2 Ogres to the floor. The 2 Werewolves and Woogie run away from the ball in their desperation to get away from the 2 standing Ogres.

Poor ball handling continues to plague the BMEs as a Snotling fumbles the ball into the crowd which then throws it all the way to the center field.

Turns 6 and 7

Mr Furious dashes over to pick up the ball and has a clear run to the BME endzone. The BMEs don't even attempt to stop Mr Furious but take their frustration out on the other DDs but fail to injure any.


Turn 8

On the kick-off, the BMEs are stunned by their bad luck. The DD take advantage rearrange for a Perfect Defense, avoiding the worst of the Ogres and surviving the initial onslaught.

The DDs then gang up on the Ogres. They knock 2 down but do no damage. In an amazing turn of events, Knock on Wood double downs Vargh the Hunter. After they pull the bodies apart, the Ogre has been CAS'ed!

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