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The NapNuts kicked of the NutBowl in August 2006. We will be fighting for the Choas Cup in the first Season.

I'm playing with a Necromatic Team, The Disco Dead and I shall be diarying their carreers here.


Here's the starting line-up on the bleaches above their dug-out.

More about The Disco Dead

More about the Dug-out

More about the Nut Bowl

The Games
There are 6 teams in the league.
After a round robin, the top 4 teams progress to the semis and then to the finals.

Round Robin 1 vs The Bearded Ladies

A tough game for The Disco Dead, going down 0:2 and suffering 2 CAS while dealing out no hurt to The Bearded Ladies. Luckily no permanent damage was suffered.

In the first drive, Mr. Furious had an open run to the end zone but couldn't keep his cool and failed his 3+ dodge and reroll! 3 Zombies lined up on the sidelines fouling a Dwarf Lineman, and expecting the drive to end before the Dwarves could retaliate, were unceremoniously pushed into the crowd!

Down 3 Zombies the Disco Dead just fell apart and the Dwarves had an easy D.

In the second half The Bearded Ladies Blitzed on the kick-off. The Disco Dead kick was right on the halfway line, in front of the defense. Easy score.

Not a glorious start.

Round Robin 2 vs The Red Rascals

Disco Dead win 2:0 but suffer 5 CAS and only do 1 to the Red Rascals. Woogie, one of the twin Wrights misses the next game.

Highlight are the 2 intercepts. The 1st by Morthana who then proceeds to shrug off 9 block dice. The 2nd by Brother Sledge which stops the final Red Rascal drive.

Pics and more.

Round Robin 3 vs The Hongo Valley Wildflowers

The Disco Dead win 2:1.

Scoring 2 CAS and suffering 1 with no permanent effects.

The half starts with a HW Quicksnap and failed pickup which opens a hole for the DD werewolves to exploit. Turn 2 TD!

The second drive again sees the WWs break through and sacking the ball carrier. The ball changes hands a few time but the HW hold the wolves at bay.

The DD Quicksnap the 2nd half but a double down by the Shoveller leaves the ball exposed. Turn 2 TD for the Orcs!

The 2nd drive results in another melee in the HW's back field ... but this time Mr Furiuous breaks through and scores.

Pics and more.

Round Robin 4 vs The Blue Mountain Earthquakes

The Disco Dead win 2-0.
Scoring 4 Casualties and suffering 3 with Boogie missing next game.

The game was a bit of a bash fest. In both halves, the Disco Dead found themselves mired in deadly melees with the Ogres before the ball broke free and the Werewolves could use their superior speed to score. The Disco Dead's 4 rerolls with Leader and 5 with Cheering Fans in the 1st half was an immense help, especially when the Blue Mountain Earthquakes had to make do with 2.

The Disco Dead defense took all 8 turns to score in the 1st half. Even with the ball in the 2nd half, it took 7 turns. Testament to the fierce defense of the Blue Mountain Earthquakes.

Pics and more.

Round Robin 5 Vs The Silent D'arters

A 2-2 draw.
The Disco Dead suffered 5 casualties with 3 Zombies missing the next game.
The Silent D'arters suffered 3 casualties, 2 o them self inflicted.

It was the toughest and most exciting game so far. The Halflings were down by 250 TV and so could afford to induce Deeproot Strongbranch which made a huge difference.

The Disco Dead had a shot at winning as the Halflings suffered some bad luck at key moments. But the Halfling good luck with it's Injury Rolls eventually paid off and towards the end of the 2nd half the Disco Dead were down to 6 players and unable to stop the Halfling final TD drive.

Sadly I left my camera at home so no play by play pictures and commentary this time.

Results for the 5 Round Robin Rounds

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