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Welcome to my miniatures page

The NapNuts is a group of miniatures wargamers based in Singapore. We also have a full featured website and a photo gallery linked below.

House rules, home-made army lists, battle reports and scenarios for the rulesets we frequently play will also be posted here.

Finally, I might post some home brewed rules that I am working on if they ever get close to being finished.

24th Oct 2006
Added some pictures from FatGoblin's Zombie game held on the 1st.

29th August
Added the report for the Disco Dead's 4th round robin game vs the Blue Mountain Earthquakes.

15th August
Created a page for all my BloodBowl stuff.
Deleted the 15mm fantasy pages that belong in my othe site. Link at the bottom of the page.

4th August
Added a writeup on my Bloodbowl Team, The Disco Dead.
Also added a page on how to mount secure, rotating turrets on 1/285 GHQ tanks.

7th May 2006
Added my Greek and Cathaginian Armies and did some housekeeping. More stuff added at 15mmfanatsy as well.

13th Apr 2006
Started a new site for 15mm fantasy and will be moving content over there.


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